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Still uncertain, or just want further information?

If you are still uncertain as to whether to enter Open Gardens, there is plenty of further advice to be had. Is my garden really suitable is a frequent question and you may wish to call upon one of the TMAEG team to pay you a visit. We will be happy to advise you – just give us a ring on 01908 561365 or 01908 566345.

Also there will be a chance to meet existing Open Gardeners and to hear more about what is involved at an Open Gardens social evening to be held on February 22nd. Our venue will be Radcote Lodge who have already signed up as an entrant. Places will need to be reserved (see below).

Beyond that we can recommend two other websites. These relate to the UK National Directory on Open Gardens and the website for Stony Stratford’s biennial event .

Entering Two Mile Ash Open Gardens 2018

We are looking for a dozen or so Open Gardens on Two Mile Ash for 2018.

Once you have decided, there are a minimum of formalities – there is no application form, for example. Here are the key dates:

Thursday 22nd February – Open Gardens social evening –– Radcote Lodge, the High Street (opposite One Stop) 7.00 -8.30 pm. Email for places.
By Friday 2nd March – Preliminary expressions of interest – by phone or by e mail.
By Friday 30th March – Your decision to enter – by e mail or letter.
By Friday 18th May – Finalisation of text for Open Gardens Passport – with short descriptions of gardens.
Saturday 30th June & Sunday 1st July – Open Gardens week-end.

Chris: Telephone 01908 561365
E mail:
Letters Chris Gossop, 15 Stone Hill, Two Mile Ash, MK8 8DN

Lin:   Telephone 01908 566345

TMAEG Website

Open Gardens Website

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