TWO MILE ASH ENVIRONMENTAL GROUP




1. Our Purpose
The Group exists to safeguard and enhance the environment of Two Mile Ash for the benefit of all who live, work, are educated or visit there.

2. Our Objectives  
Within the area of Two Mile Ash our objectives are:

  • to work with residents of Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes Council, Abbey Hill Parish Council, Bradwell Abbey Neighbourhood Action Group, businesses and other bodies to secure a sympathetic renewal of Two Mile Ash in a way that reflects the essence of its original structure and design, and focusing, in particular, on the main areas of public realm within the village centre;
  • Both within and outside the village centre to highlight, and raise public awareness of,  features that should be safeguarded by virtue of their architectural, landscape, tree  and biodiversity value and to work with other bodies to secure their retention, and enhancement where appropriate;
  • to seek and lobby for practical solutions to the present conflicts created by car parking pressure within the village centre;
  • to raise local awareness and comment upon those planning applications which are likely to have a significant impact upon the environment of Two Mile Ash and the living conditions of residents and the well being of all;
  • to carry out practical projects, working with all sections of the local community, Milton Keynes Council,  Abbey Hill Parish Council, Bradwell Abbey Neighbourhood Action Group, the local schools, local businesses and other bodies as appropriate;
  • to liaise and maintain regular contact with other relevant groups and national organizations;
  • to foster an interest in gardening through events such as Open Gardens;
  • to organize such events and activities as are in accordance with our Purpose and Objectives.

3. Membership
Membership will be open to all interested individuals, businesses and groups in Two Mile Ash. The Committee shall have the absolute discretion to accept or reject such applications, or to refuse to renew the subscription of a member.

4. Subscriptions
The annual subscription rates shall be such sums as may be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. Subscriptions shall become due on 1 October each year. Each adult over the age of 18 who is a registered member of a household shall have one vote. Each registered business and group shall have one vote. Members whose subscriptions fall three months in arrears shall be automatically excluded from membership.

5. Committee
The management of The Group shall be by Committee, consisting of officers and as many additional members as Committee deems necessary. The Committee and the following officers – Chair, Secretary and Treasurer – shall be elected at the AGM. The Chair shall occupy that position for a maximum of three consecutive years and shall not be eligible to stand for re-election to that position until a period of two years has passed.

The Committee shall meet at such times and places as they deem fit but not less than four times a year. A quorum at Committee meetings shall be four members, which must include one of the officers. Minutes shall be taken of all the Committee proceedings and these minutes shall be open for inspection by any member of The Group who applies to the Secretary.

6. Authority
No person other than authorized officers of The Group shall use the name or purport to act on behalf of or to represent The Group unless the Committee have first granted him/her specific authority to act on behalf of The Group.

7. General Meetings
The Annual General Meeting of The Group, of which at least 21 days notice shall be given to all Members by the Secretary, shall be held during the months of September or October each year. The business of the AGM shall be to receive a report from the Committee of the activities of the past year, to receive the annual accounts after inspection by a suitable person who is not a member of the Committee, to plan activities for the future, to agree subscription rates for the following year and to consider any proposal which has been distributed with the notice of the meeting.

The Committee may at any time, and shall within 21 days after receiving a request in writing from any 5 Members, summon an Extraordinary General Meeting, of which not less than 21 days notice shall be given by the Secretary to each member, specifying the business to be transacted. At the AGM and any EGM each member, as specified in section 4, including the Chair, shall have one vote, and all resolutions shall be decided by a show of hands. In the case of an equality of votes the Chair shall have a casting vote. The quorum at an AGM or EGM shall be one eighth of the paid up membership.

8. Committee Powers and Duties

The Committee shall undertake the general management and direction of the affairs and funds of The Group.

It may open a bank account, the signatories of which shall be the Treasurer, Secretary and one other named member. All cheques and withdrawals shall require two signatures.

The Group’s financial year shall run from 1 October each year until 30 September in the following year.

The Group may affiliate to any organization that has broadly similar aims and values.

9. Dissolution
Any assets held by The Group shall go to an organization that holds similar purpose and aims.

Revision Approved at the Annual General Meeting September 20 2014


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