Planning Application to expand Two Mile Ash School (Representation 2 – Response to Transport Statement and School Travel Plan – March 2014)

Planning Application to Expand Two Mile Ash School

Ref. 13/02655/FUL R

Second Representation of the Two Mile Ash Environmental Group

Response to the Transport Statement and Travel Plan

The Two Mile Environmental Group (TMAEG) lodged an objection to the proposed development on 27 January 2014 (Annex 2).  We wish now to comment on two documents that have subsequently been published by the applicant, a transport statement and a school travel plan.  As we shall develop later in this second representation, we feel that the Transport Statement is seriously inadequate as a means of conveying the transport impacts of this development which we believe to be substantial.  In reaching this view we have carried out our own surveys of the present traffic and parking situation in Two Mile Ash and we have had regard to the relevant planning guidance, in particular the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF), recently issued Planning Practice Guidance (PPG) on Transport Assessments and  Statements, and the Milton Keynes Core Strategy.

This second TMAEG response is structured as follows:

  • The need for a Transport Assessment – as opposed to a Transport Statement;

  • The Transport Statement – TMAEG’s detailed comments;

  • The School Travel Plan – TMAEG’s detailed comments;

  • The TMAEG surveys 1) Traffic entering or leaving Two Mile Ash;

  • The TMAEG surveys 2) Traffic and parking in the village centre;

  • Conclusions

The response in full can be viewed as a PDF formatted document by clicking the link below.

TMA School. Response 2. Final.A


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