Safeguarding of Adults at Risk Policy

TMAEG does not actively recruit vulnerable adults but, being open to all residents of Two Mile Ash, they would not be excluded from involvement in our activities. We value all our volunteers and were an adult at risk referred to us for conservation work we would rely on their care and support worker to accompany them to ensure their safety.

This policy applies to adults that volunteer in TMAEG projects or come into contact with TMAEG through any other process.

This policy and its attendant responsibilities apply to committee members and all volunteers.

Implementation of policy is the responsibility of all committee members and volunteers.
TMAEG has a zero-tolerance of abuse of adults at risk wherever it occurs or whoever is responsible

This policy has been approved by the TMAEG committee and signed by its Chairman on 25th June 2021, and endorsed by Resolution  at the Annual General Meeting of TMAEG on 25th September 2021.

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