Virtual Open Gardens 2020: Jo, Jeff and Angela

This is the third summer for our garden after it was re-designed and newly planted by Mark Lane (from BBC Gardener’s World) in early 2018 as a wheelchair accessible garden for sitting rather than working!    By June we are expecting all the grasses and the dog woods in the front to be getting tall, the woodland walk behind the garage to have lots of colour, the water feature in the back to be continuing to soothe us with its sound and the hidden garden to be offering shady sitting on hot days.     The grass should be fairly ok too – it’s plastic!   Should it be wet or a bit chilly the summer house offers the option of being indoors, outdoors, great for being happy at home in lockdown.

Grasses and Dogwoods in the front garden.

The woodland walk with concrete sleepers behind the garage that previously was just a dumping area.

Our back garden from the back door.

Red Huskers in flower against the back wall with scrap yard cat.

The sounds of our water feature with more concrete sleepers.

Teddy guarding the Clematis in flower.

The garden at night.

The work begins.

Before and after …..

Before and after …..

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