Annual Report on our Sites and Events (2019-2020): Chapter 1

Environmental Corridors

– Ash Brook and the edge of the Golf Course.


1.1 Stonehill Pond

Our ever-changing seasonal pond.

The annual clean out of the Stonehill Pond was TMAEG’s very first task. Held each November this seeks to remove fallen branches and leaves and, increasingly, the floating duck weed. For Year Nine, Dave and Claire worked in the water, supported by other volunteers on the banks.

Snakes’ Head Fritillaries – planted in a log-edged oval alongside the Stonehill Pond footpath, these striking English native plants are at their best in late March.

The footpath seen in May, bordered by Cow Parsley and Hogweed. While an attractive sign of the Spring, they need to be cut down after flowering and their seed heads removed to prevent these species from becoming too dominant.


1.2 Bee Garden and Fernery
This project was started in 2016 on the banks of the Ash Brook to the north-east of the Stonehill Pond. A year later the site was reconfigured and its boundaries expanded to accommodate the Council’s plan to re-site the footbridge leading into Haithwaite. That and a Council grant created a fresh opportunity for TMAEG in the form of a fernery within the trees which has added to the interest of the site.

The Bee Garden showing the bridge across the Ash Brook, the hypericum hedge that lines the approach path to it and the bee garden areas.

A viewing point towards the fernery, sited close to the Stonehill to High Street footpath.

The Fernery in June 2020, being worked on by Mo and Chris.

Steve and Kevin adding a new log edge to the fernery.

Pat, managing the wildflower area bordering the fernery.

Red Campion and Oxeye Daisy, key insect attractors now well established in the bee garden.

Anne, maintaining the access path to the fernery.

Marsh Marigold, one of a number of native plant species now established within the stream bed.


1.3 The Ash Brook – Local Park section

Primroses at the High Street entrance to the Local Park.

Tools and equipment set out for a project in the Local Park.

Steve and Stan clearing brambles and other encroaching plants to free up the rowans, alders and hornbeams planted by TMAEG at the rear of the Play Area.

The Ashbrook Corridor continues northwards from the Clayhill crossing (shown here) to Downland. TMAEG has planted numerous trees along this section, the species including Italian alder, hazel and walnut.


1.4 Golf Course Edge – Overhauling the Pathways

Brian and Pat – clearing the main tarmac path.

Replacing individual logs along the log and chippings path – Anne, Chris and Mo.

Barrowing in the new chippings.

Raking the chippings into place.

Almost finished.

Another successful project for TMAEG.


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