Annual Report on our Sites and Events (2019-2020): Chapter 3

Bulb Planting

– Spreading Out 

3.1 Starting with the Village Centre ….

We’ve also been planting daffodils in the turf where our first mass planting scheme was in the central green space opposite Ashbrook School.

Capian Walk Green

In subsequent years we’ve moved to other areas, for example, the Capian Walk Green opposite Holy Cross Church. This is a mid-February picture with the bulbs just coming into bloom. 

3.2  … to other public areas – the Cornhill/Stonehill junction

In November 2019 TMAEG planted 450 Marie Curie Diamond bulbs

The same scene in April 2020

In November 2019 TMAEG planted 450 Marie Curie Diamond bulbs on this prominent green area.  This was our biggest single scheme yet and it complements another, smaller group of bulbs on the green across the road. The result five months later exceeded our expectations, both in terms of its impact seen from several directions and the longevity of its flowering . 

For Year Ten, TMAEG has moved to the redway, east of Fairways where it has planted some 600 Marie Curie bulbs on three sites alongside this busy pedestrian and cycle route.   

3.3 Working with Schoolchildren   

Daffodil planting by Ashbrook  schoolchildren over several years

The High Street, entrance to the Local Park, showing the daffodils planted by Year 1 schoolchildren over successive years.  This work continued into Year Nine, supported by TMAEG.   Current Covid-19 restrictions have meant that, for Year Ten, 180 Marie Curie Diamond bulbs have been transferred to Ashbrook School, with a view to their being planted on School land.

3.4 Initiatives by TMAEG members 

A nice touch!

A lovely initiative taken by local TMAEG members, in line with another such planting around Two Mile Ash.  A nice touch to improve our area even further!  

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